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Our History

MDWELL Medical Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of medical gauze and non-woven products in China with 19 years of production experience.

  • Year 1991: Foundation of the company.
  • Year 2001: Approved by the US FDA
  • Year 2003: Starting with automatic production to replace of hand made.
  • Year 2005: Imported the first horizontal bleaching facility of China and built 5000 m2 clean room.
  • Year 2006: Passed ISO13485 certification of TUV.PS
  • Year 2008: Invested 20 million US Dollars to expand 10000 m2 clean room with standard 1 hundred thousand, to produce surgical gowns, drapes and surgical dressing pack.
  • Year 2011:Introduce 120 sets high-speed Jet Looms.
  • Year 2013:Invested 8 million for third stage construction,Include 7200㎡ PE/CPE gloves and 4800㎡. 

Our core value


We insist that the quality is the most important thing. We face our mistake NOT hide it or avoid it and work hard until we find the solution.



Focus on every work detail and try to do it right. Our products are related to human beings life and any careless is our enemy.



Learn from our customers, colleagues and peoples around us so that we could have opportunity to improve ourselves.



Make innovation on our products, work and life. Work smart is better than work hard.



Our mission

We improve human condition by manufacturing and providing safe, effective and innovative products.