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Non-sterile Lap. Sponges

Non-Sterile Lap. Sponges

Lap. Sponges are made from absorbent gauze and equipped with sewn-in X-ray detectable chip. It's widely used to clean wounds, to absorb secretion and after sterilization for gripping and retaining organs and tissue during surgery.


  • High absorbency, super softness and patient comfort.
  • Tucked in and sewn edges to eliminate fringing.
  • Available in multiple gauze mesh: HQ 12x8, BP13, 17/20/24threads.
  • Equipped with/without loop, with/without X-ray clip/threads, prewashed or non washed. 


Non-Sterile Lap. Sponges

Code Specification Package Quantity
W1301 17 threads, non-washed, 40x40cm-2ply 50pcs/bag
W1302 17 threads, non-washed, 40x40cm-4ply 50pcs/bag
W1303 17 threads, non-washed, 40x40cm-6ply 50pcs/bag
W1304 17 threads, non-washed, 40x40cm-8ply 50pcs/bag
W1305 17 threads, non-washed, 45X45cm-2ply 50pcs/bag
W1306 17 threads, non-washed, 45X45cm-4ply 50pcs/bag
W1307 17 threads, non-washed, 45X45cm-6ply 50pcs/bag
W1308 17 threads, non-washed,45X45cm-8ply 50pcs/bag
W1309  BP X-ray detectable sponges, 22.5X22.5cm-12ply 50pcs/bag
W1310  BP X-ray detectable sponges, 30X30cm-12ply 50pcs/bag
W1311  BP X-ray detectable sponges, 30X30cm-24ply 50pcs/bag
W1312  BP X-ray detectable sponges, 45X45cm-12ply 50pcs/bag
W1313  20 threads, pre-washed,8x90cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1314  20 threads, pre-washed,8x90cm-6ply 20pcs/bag
W1315  20 threads, pre-washed,15x25cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1316  20 threads, pre-washed,20x30cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1317  20 threads, pre-washed,20x30cm-6ply 20pcs/bag
W1318  20 threads, pre-washed,40x40cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1319  20 threads, pre-washed,40x40cm-6ply 20pcs/bag
W1320  20 threads, pre-washed,45x45cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1321  20 threads, pre-washed,45x45cm-6ly 20pcs/bag
W1322  20 threads, pre-washed,45x70cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1323  20 threads, pre-washed,50x60cm-4ply 20pcs/bag
W1324  20 threads, pre-washed,50x60cm-6ply 20pcs/bag